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In scenic Alswalden, a small fictional country nestled in the Alps, computer programmer Kevin Muller starts the second act of his career. Under the withering stare of his boss, the enigmatic Mr. Otsuka, he struggles to get his bearings straight. When he moves in to his new apartment, he discovers a shocking fact: it doesn't have a shower! What is a musky boar supposed to do?

Strokkur is an adult kinetic short story -- no choices, just a few hours in length. There are some explicit depictions of non-human genitals, and themes including anxiety, body image, casual public nudity, and musk.

A translation of Strokkur into Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish is available at https://cardigan-cardigan.itch.io/strokkur-translated.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Jun 15, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(100 total ratings)
AuthorsCobalt Studio, Danero
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Strokkur-1.1-pc.zip 127 MB
com.cobalt.studio.strokkur-release.apk 108 MB

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The art for this one is sooo good

I love when Furry vns make furries as realistic and add as many animalistic features as possible.

I don’t know why but I think there’s a beauty to it.

Kudos to the artists!

glad you liked the art! <3


Amazing VN i liked so much the history. 


The story is short but could have a save option. I had to skip 3 times to reach where I had stopped. But loved the story.


This is so good, I busted a nut over this


Working on the translation for this made me addicted to this track. So freaking good.


This was a fantastic little read! 

A great palette cleanser for me personally since I'd just finished a few much longer, heavier VNs.

So glad you enjoyed it!


Will there be an update soon?

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Other than possibly fixing typos and bugs, Strokkur is done. We only ever meant for it to be a one and done thing.

We are planning a sequel, another stand-alone VN, sometime later this year. It'll take place several months after Stokkur, and feature Kevin and Jakob developing their relationship. There will be two new side characters, as well.


Man deletes actual criticism


I don’t know why your comment was removed, but I didn’t delete it.

I acknowledge your criticism, but that wasn’t the story we were interested in telling. Sorry to disappoint.

me when


That was really cute and very well written, could have been better, but that also feels like a matter of fursonal... taste...

Feels like there are things you could eventually go back and add in too, not a whole lot though, but there are some details that were skipped over.

If its another VN, Comic, or even Written story, I would love to see some more of these guys, not necessarily more more though! XP


May I just say, this is probably the best VN that I've read in a while! The characters are likable, the story is relatable at times and Otsuka is d a d d y

I really, really like it. Keep up the good work!


does this have sex scenes?




Strokkur is amazing! n_n/ xa'll really wrapped everything a gay furry VN is about, into a single story~ UwU the writing is good and the characters fun :3 my favourite part is that there are a lot of well constructed sentences which really make Strokkur enjoyable from start to finish~ 

My only complaint would be not having gotten a proper moment alone with that wolf knot :p but otherwise, Amaaazing work~ >_</


This turned out really good! The world absolutely needs more cute, short experiences like this methinks. This sets an incredible standard for projects to follow, and I'm very excited to see more out of you!

Also dear Lord Kevin is short. Somebody get this boy some pumps or Something.


Aw, this is such a cute story! I did think it would be just about non-sexual casual nudity (which is something I've kind of wanted to write about for a while, heh) but the sex scenes were well written and not unwelcome!

Congrats on the release and happy pride month to the team! ^^

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Glad you enjoyed it, regardless.

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Also Yoga Bear did downward dog so Strokkur could sukhasana, love your work and the short VN format.


Oh, thank you! Gosh, that's really flattering to hear! <3


Daaam, this was pretty good! and done in only six weeks? I hope you keep up making VN's, its so goood. Hope you keep the 'parts' the same too.


Thank you very much! We're aiming to hopefully release the first build of our next project by the end of July, very excited to share it with you all :) The 'parts' are there to stay for sure.


I want to Android download it game pls

Sorry, mate. We’re still working on the Android build. Give us a week or two to sort it out.

it ok 🙂

Thanks for your patience; the Android build is now available.


The Triumphant music.  Brilliant.


Are you talking about the music that sounds like it should be in a Marvel film during the sex scene? Because that was inspired.




Been waiting for this! I'm sure I'll have more thoughts soon, but for now: Congrats!


Is this a full game owo?


Yep! Just a short story, really. If you've played Yoga Bear, it's just a little bit longer than that.


Congratulations on the release, boys! You are one step closer to becoming Elden Lords of Cum. Keep up the good work!

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Look like you there really loves it since I saw it been added to three collections. XD

I should not think too much about it. Sometimes I get confuse and change the games and novels from a collection to another after I start to play it.

I just have so many collection and those are so filled that I always need to spend a time organizing the collections.